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Here’s what you can expect at CSDC. We are a Spine Care Centre addressing lower back through to neck problems. At your initial consultation, you’ll begin with a 30 minute expert spine consultation with Dr. Alan Chong.  His almost 30 years of clinical experience helps to determine exactly the nature of your problem. Additional tests and procedures may be required in the assessment and care of your spine related problem. He will personally have a sit-down appointment with you to review your findings.  And only then we’ll discuss effective treatment options so that you can make smart decisions about what treatment is right for you.

At CSDC, you decide what care feels right for you. Remember, our goal is to help you with effective non-surgical treatments that work for you.

If  you’re suffering spine related pain, sciatica, a pinched nerve, or degenerative discs we can likely help you with one of our clinical treatment protocols which may include the use of the Laser Therapy, manual adjustments, soft tissue therapy, and the DRX9000 spinal decompression.

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