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Dr. Alan Chong, Clinical Director of CSDC

“There’s a huge need for effective non-surgical spinal treatments,” says Dr. Chong, clinical director at Calgary Spinal Decompression Centre (CSDC). “I approach every patient as totally unique. There are no recipes with spinal care for difficult cases. If there’s a non-surgical puzzling case, I’m going to do my best to solve it.”

“Selective individualized treatment plans using ideal tools and education are the secrets to CSDC’s success.”

And that he most often does, with accolades coming from runners, golfers, elite athletes and weekend warriors, Dr. Chong’s passion is to return his clients to their ideal and active lifestyles.

“Whether you’ve suffered from pain, pinched nerves or the inability to participate because of serious spinal degeneration, it’s no fun,” says Dr. Chong. “Perhaps it’s a new injury or maybe a nagging back problem for years that’s now become a degenerative disc. Or worse yet, you find out you’ve got a bulging or herniated disc.” Whatever your age, a serious back problem can be disabling! It’s never a good situation when you’re not getting the help you so desperately need and desire.


Dr. Alan Chong

We’re here as a team of professionals to help you with you spinal problem.

In Dr. Chong’s nearly 30 years as a chiropractor, his special practice interest in disc problems has given him the edge for assessing and treating these serious spinal issues. He founded CSDC in 2008 to address the high demand for spine consultations. CSDC now has clients that travel for hours or even fly in for our services.

Selective individualized treatment plans using ideal tools and education are the secrets to CSDC’s success. Dr. Chong personally sees each client for their initial consultation, detailing a careful history and examination. He takes the time to sit down to discuss treatment options, including use of the DRX9000, the “power tool” to decompress and rehabilitate degenerative and damaged spinal discs. It’s very special equipment for relief of the pain and pinching of spinal discs of the neck and lower back.

At CSDC, it’s our unique approach to you as a client plus the specific spine education and coaching along the road to your recovery that makes us right for you. 

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