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Important Offer: A Gift of Relief for Significant Spinal Pain Sufferers

As a patient of Centre For Chiropractic Care, we consider you a client. As a client, we want to offer you the best opportunities for achieving your health and wellness goals, naturally.

I personally have experienced debilitating episodes of neck and back pain in the past. Not only is it scary, it can be extremely limiting to anyone in that situation.

To add value as a member of our patient community, I have created an educational program to help clients understand and overcome common health problems. With appropriate guidance, my staff and I can give you the in-office support, advice, and care to achieve your higher health and wellness goals. If you or a friend has a spinal problem and need answers, please consider my gift of information.

I have created an eye-opening 20-minute webinar, “Amazing and Must-Know Information for Spinal Decompression”. Simply click on this link to arrive at the landing page introduction. Pleaseopt in to this valuable health information. Interested people can get answers about their case when they schedule a special spinal consultation with me at Calgary Spinal Decompression Centre.

Please accept my gift through education and pass on this gift of knowledge to a friend or loved one. My hope is that you will share this information and possibly make a life-long difference for them.

Health & happiness into the New Year!

Dr. Alan M Chong

Director, Centre for Chiropractic Care
And Calgary Spinal Decompression Centre

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